Monday, December 1, 2008

Arctic: Alaska, Yukon

Peter Josie and yours truly. Old Crow, Yukon

Nathan Barnes fishing upstream of Old Crow, Yukon.

Caribou rack on climb to Crow Mountain. Yukon Territories. These were just laying around all over. I really wish I could have taken a full rack home.

Looking out to the Porcupine River from Crow Mountain. Vuntut Gwitchin Village of Old Crow, Yukon.

My camp for a week in the Wind River Valley, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge at 2 a.m. This is about as dark as it got...

I hiked up a mountain behind camp to this beautiful, but fishless, lake. ANWR, AK.

One of several dozen rainbows in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It rained off and on every single day, and these rainbows would just pop up all over the place multiple times a day.

This is the view from a mountain I hiked up in the Refuge. The Wind River Valley pictured is where I camped. You can see one of the daily rain-walls moving in towards me. Awesome.

The most incredible rainbow I've ever seen. This was after a hail storm upstream of Arctic Village, AK.

Docking boat to check fish net upstream of Arctic Village, AK. East Chandalar River (Anita Kinney pictured). You can see a hailstorm moving in in the background. The net (set by Daniel Tritt) had two large whitefish in it. We cooked and ate them upstream.

Here is an album with a few more pictures:

Learn more about the caribou people and why I visited them:


Emily said...

I particularly like the photograph with the caribou rack, and the three just above it. They're all quite lovely. You're one lucky fellow, you know this?

anna d said...

so so happy you went here. i crave giant empty spaces. the last photo could win prizes.

LiPing P. said...

Truly amazing places. I really want to be over there than being here(work place).

kathleen wolff said...

Wow, Eric. These are wonderful. Show us and tell us more!

Eric Wooldridge said...

Shoot, I had no idea people were looking at this thing... Thanks!