Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh, Boone....

Last night was wonderful. I finished my last class, walked home, and got a call from a couch surfer traveling through town. His name was Jake and he had been hitching around the east, starting in Portland, Maine. I picked him up at a main intersection in town and dropped his stuff off at the apartment before heading out to Sugar Grove where I posed for a few pictures for a project Matt Lawson is working on. My farming friends out there, Hoyt and Scott Combs, offered me a home-cooked meal that I had to decline due to time.

After Matt got his photos, we came back, cooked some dinner, and went to Art Walk, a monthly event where stores downtown become art galleries and serve wine and cheese. We saw some great exhibits before heading over to the Jones House (community center) for the annual solar Christmas tree lighting. Lots of good friends were there and after the lighting we went to two more galleries.

At about 10 we headed to a contra dance close by. I have such an amazing time at these dances, and I believe my couch surfer did too.

It makes me happy when someone chooses to stay at my apartment and I feel that I've guided them towards having a great time. He told me that he loves this town, and was very appreciative and glad that he chose to stay with me. It also makes me realize how much I love Boone and all of my friends here. I will miss this town greatly.

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maggie said...

what a quaint blog entry you have here, eric.